My daughter made me add her name in house registry emotionally.

Sir, I have purchased one house with my earned money and by selling previous property which I bought on my wife's name. While the purchase of current property my unmarried daughter emotionally made me add her and my wife's name in house registry as house owners. So we are now three owners of my current house leaving my son alone. They both asked me to leave the house, so I left and constructed a house on my agriculture land with my retirement money, the land I bought on my father's name ( but investment is all mine). Now we all decided to sell the current house in city because we all want to have our share, but my daughter who is married now denied to give any amount to my son( her brother). 1: I wish my son's right should be given to him, whom we missed including his name in current house registry. 2: can I file a suit against my daughter and wife against emotional blackmail against the house registry? I wish to disown her post experiencing her behaviour towards me. 3: I want my daughter not to demand or claim any of my eared property or land in future. And I wish to transfer PoA GPA to my son. I have not made will till now. I am deeply troubled, please suggest. Regards M Srinivas