Claiming ancestors land in india jaipur for pakistani

I am a pakistani my ancestors come from india.i still have bloof relatives there.we had property hawelis there pre grand father migrated to pakistan and his brother grandfather was hard working and an mba at that time which was a big thing.he earned enough and was not interested in property in india.instead the brother who stayed behind sold much of the property and belongings to survive as he was not grandfather has now passed away.recently my father received a call from jaipur india from someone who claims to be our relative who says that we have land in jaipur which is my grand fathers property and his brother left behind in india wants to claim it.the man says that my father has the right to have his fsir share and wants him to send his documents over.our financial status is not as good as it was some years what my question is that can we lagally claim for our fair share.please guide me through this and let me know what the law states regarding this it worth giving a try or not.after all its my ancestors property.