Pre marriage relationship proofs

Hi, Would like to know on the below mention points. 1. Can a pre marriage relationship proofs (picture, sms) can be used to file a divorce case (Note: if it was actually a pre-marriage but he didn’t continue after marriage) 2. Can a Facebook conversation (which completely shows the post marriage relationships) be a proof of Divorce. Can we file the case on the behalf of these proofs ? 3. All the information regarding Facebook logins and IP address and the device (which was used for login the Facebook account) be a proof of evidence ? 4. If she/he uses the Jadu tona kind of thins and we have the proof of conversation (Call recordings) be a proof of divorce ? 5. Use of abuse langauge (Like she uses to call me a Kutta, harami and for mother as Budiya, Budau) be use for divorce. 6. Selfie taken by her own during a stomach issue in hospital and she try to use these pic against us. Can those pics use against us. However as per medical report it was a stomach infection. 7. After marriage -Taking Bunk from the training class and outing with a boy which is captured in mobile conversation is be a part of for Divorce ? 8. What is the expected time to get the divorce if these all prove in the court. Thank you,