Forced Occupation

My maternal grandfather built a house for his 3 children, two sons and one my mother. After building the house, which was 3 story's high, he allotted each of his children one floor, my mother got the 1st floor. However my grandfather DID NOT authorize their names as the owner of the floor, because the entire house was in My Grandmother's name. No floor has been authorized in the name of the occupant, it still belongs to my late grandmother. My mom, after my father's death moved in to this house while her parents were still alive. 3 years ago both of my maternal grandparents died within 6 months of gap and my mom started living fully in the house. Then she got remarried, a 2nd marriage and moved out into her new home. The character of my maternal uncles are hideous, today I overheard them talking about how they would be using the 1st floor. Now with my mom out, their way has been cleared. I fear when I move out (and I will move out to my new home in a week) they will do a forced occupation of this floor and not give it back. Please help. Me and my mom need your help, if she falls in a problem she would have nowhere to go if this floor is occupied.