Domestic violence, child custody

I my brothers family and mother live in a single house as a joint family. My wife prefers to stay with her mother who is separated from her husband and lives with her grandfather in her uncle's house. She says she will not come unless I sell some property and construct a separate house for her. This is simply a reason to justify her stay with her mother. I joined my 3 year old daughter in a shool nearby to her uncle's house. Every weak I have to go there and pay for expenditures. My daughter does not like to live there. They always make her cry. So yesterday I joined her in a school nearby to our family house. she often threatens to sue us using Domestic violence act. She is telling she will forcefully take my daughter and keep her in her uncle's house which he has given to her mother and granfather without rent. She is not having any property she asks me to give her share in my property and make settlement for divorce. She is threatening to file complaint in police station to get money and property from me and live either a separated or divorce life with daughter. What can I do to avoid giving share in my property? What can I do to keep daughter in our family house?