Dear lawyer, we are giving rooms for day a family came for rent consisting of wife ,husband and a child .i completed my b tech and preparing for competitive exams ,one day he offered me that he was working in railways and and said that he know big person and promised me a job in railways by giving money he said don't tell even to my wife(actually the wife knows but pretends that she dosen't) .Initially he took 10000 and in small installments it totals to 40,000 .he said that this money is to manage middle staff. i dosent have any proof while giving the money.except that he call me through phone and asks for money.later i came to know that he cheated me as he was postponing and not answering my calls finally when i asked his wife ,she said that he is not my husband and i don't have any relation with him. from this day he is not coming to house . we told to vacat the house in a hope that he may come in the new house .but in a span of week she changed 3 houses which were searched and paid by his husband.