Crpc 420, 406, 506, 34 : how collect our investment back

We filed a fir on above mentioned crpc close as we had taken a franchisee of CNG KIT retail store at Ahmedabad-Gujarat AND whatever we sale cng kit same has to be installed by company own ware house. as the condition as after payment of full franchisee fees, company start own workshop for fitment with in 21-days (as we paid partial fees in May-2014 and balance we fully paid in mid June-2014. So company has to start their own workshop upto July-2014. but company fails to commence workshop till Dec-2014, and while contacting them on phone they hardly replied, as busy in meeting, it is new place for them, (as franchiser of Mumbai). always a new commitment with new date for grand opening we will do. but suddenly in Jan-2015, they simply denied as they can't go further if you want to go in court and fight for 10-15 years. even they don't have any license on product as they shown in brochure, even they put own sticker on other company product and inform us that it is a brand product. is it allowed to use other company product and shown as it is our own product and they uses as a brand product. now they file a arbitration appeal. now tell me how can i get my invested money from them. they not only cheated us they also cheated more than 5-7 person.