Mutual Divorce Query

I got married to my husband in 2014 and we couldn't live together since the marriage. We work in different cities. I applied once in his city for a job and couldn't qualify. He is adamant is not switching to any other city and has not even tried to get another job for our sake. I thought long distance marriage is the only problem between us after that the real problems began. 1. He and his family follows a Godman. By follow I mean, for each and every decision (even to go to a restaurant, or book a flight ticket or sleep with me), he asks for permission from Godman. 2. This was not so much of a problem when he and his mother started forcing me to visit their Godman. I visited their Godman twice before marriage and twice after marriage as well. But after visiting, I felt very badly influenced by the way the Godman and their disciples behave. In one religious event, they were dancing to bollywood tunes. They even forced me to dance to it. Even the Godman danced along with the disciples. 3. After that incident, I decided to stop visiting the Godman and this caused tremendous mental pressure on me and my family. My husband mentally tortured me. He used to scream on the phone while office hours. His mother and father put false allegations on me and my character stating that I have affairs and I cannot respect my husband's Godman. 4. After all this, I stopped taking his calls and blocked him completely. Did not even talk to his parents. So they started harassing my relatives and claimed that they've given me freedom to work. They were clearly told by my parents that I will work after marriage and they agreed to it. 5. Recently, I had a conversation with the husband asking him what he wants. He clearly stated that since he is the husband, I have to listen to him. Whatever decision he and his Godman takes, that will be final. My decision does not matter. 6. When I ask him about the termination of this relationship, he does not even answer clearly. He just says that I may do whatever I feel like. I'm stuck with a horrible mentality and mindset of a partner here. Now, I wanted to know that do I need to plead to him for a mutual divorce or can I file for a petition myself and just send him the papers? Also, what are my options?