Wife is going to lodge the fir against me under section 498 & 376

Sir I got married in july 22, 2006, after marriage her parents started creating problems and finally 4 months she left my house by that time she was pregnant she gave birth a baby boy in may 2007, I was not allowed to see my son as they already lodge the complent against me under dowry act, my wife and her parents made the pressure on me to sign on divorce paper I was not having other option except to sign as the orders has been Issued to arrest me my parents & my sisters, but I sait to my lawyer that i m singing because of the orders and there was no any witness at that time they made 2 copies of the papers on each copy the witnesses are different as the witness even don`t know that they r witness in this matter, I returned all the stuff they gave i.e. sofa tv bed etc. In june 2012 when her father was seriously ill and was on dilaises ( kidny failour ) she again approached me and requested me to accept her , just because of my son I accepted here by the main time one of her relative said as she was away from you long time so u have to revised the Nikah, I did i am working abroad i made here passport and bring her with me in august 2013, we was living hapily here and my son is studying here in class III but in this june when she went to india after 3 days again she left my house and went to her mother house as her father died in august 2013, I received a legal notice from her on 16 july 2015 with very cheep allegations and demanding the divorce again she mention that we married in 2006 and got divorce 2007 and again remarry in 2012, in Islam remarry is not possible with out halah ( she has to marry other person and divorce from him ) , she sent 3 notices with different allegations and every notice she is writing the diff tent things I replied that I am ready to divorce but give my son under my custody my son is now 8 years, ( since the beginning she is writing even in 2007 that i will never meet my son there will be no any relation between me and my son, on 5 august she gave an application that I put pressure on her father and convinced her and bring her with I made illegal sexual relation with her and our Talaq have been done in 2007, sir some time she says talaq has been done some time says we remarry some time says i forcefully made sexual relation with her but many time she came and went to India alone , now police forcing me for the divorce they are threatening me that she will book the case on me under 498 and 376. ( she is having the return ticket from india of 27 august ) please advice me