Forgery in transfer of title of ownership of agricultural land

My Name is Mrs Sayyed. I want your opinion on a very important issue. Kindly guide me in the light of your knowledge and experience on the relevant subject. Consider this situation that say "A" has bought an agricultural land from a farmer "B" ( the land is not N.A.) and since the Agricultural land rule in karnataka demands for sale of land only to a farmer, while transferring the title of ownership, A's relatives used some other farmer's(of the same name) papers and proceeded with the mutation. On discovery , the Talati office has remarked on the mutation file papers that "A" is not a farmer and that the papers used by "A" are forge- Instant action needs to be taken. Now the file's next destination is the A.C's office What can be the legal repurcussions of such a situation. Will the government make a criminal case out of this? if yes, then what has been the outcome of such cases in the past? will the party, in this case "A", be asked to pay any financial penalty or is one put behind bars? Contending such a case in court will be of no use for "A" since there is just no way to prove that "A" is a farmer. Please guide