Divorce for uscitizen

i am married in india.I have 2 kids (3 and 9 year old). both are born in US. My mother- in-law stayed with us for 6 months when i was pregnant with my second kid. Afterwards he changed a lot, he doesn't talk to me or kids.He just goes to work and gym (everyday) , comes home eats and watches tv until midnight. we didn't have any physical relationship after my second kid is born.if I ask him why is behaving , he says we are torturing him and we are not respecting him and my parents are not good people. My parents talked to him and said come to india and discuss whats the problem. I came back to india 2 months ago he didn't called me or kids until now.My parents talked to his parents they also said my husband wont come to india I wasted his son money and I havent given them any money when I was working. Basically I dont know what going on my husbands mind. I want to apply for divorce.is there anyother way issue can be solved? how can I make him come to india?Since I am also US citizen can I apply for divorce in India?