Reg Divorce

Hello Sir, Request you to kindly help me in getting clarified on few things on divorce case.Below are my case details. 1) Marriage is on Dec 2013. 2) Wife getting two calls from a private number on first night.However she made the world and myself believe that some unknown person has called me. 3) Both were staying at my parents house. 4) All the household activities are done by my mother including washing her plates.She locks the door and always stays inside. 5) One day my mother to put Rangoli on one of the occasion.Immediately she called her father and told that they are asking me to do work.Then her father told that let us go to police station and give a complaint against her family. My whole family bowed our head at the girls feet and cried and asked sorry before her. 6) Then my mother afraid of her family never used to stay at home.She used to stay in the neighbors house in the morning as she was afraid that the girl might put any blame on her. 7) Again after 15 days she again called her parents and they started shouting like anything. The girls father came running and was about to beat me. 8) Then my father asked us both to stay outside in a separate house as issues are going on. 9) Then we stayed at a separate house after 2 months of marriage.There again she started quarreling for 5 hours without any reason.She used to spread rumors about my parents.So i asked her why are you doing like this.She immediately closed the door and threatened me to give divorce else I will consume poison.I was afraid and told her I will give divorce . Then she opened the door. 10) For every small things she used to quarrel with me like anything.On one occasion I told her I am not feeling well.She started quarreling for 4 hours.I cant even speak a single word against her or else she used to threaten me that she will consume poison. 11) this went for 7 months l- Threatening suicide , you will gt beaten by my father etc. 12) I was very upset that one day I left my home and decided never to return back.However I called my parents and told these things and they started crying.Then I returned back thinking of them. 13) By the mean time she consumed poison and gave a police complaint against my parents. 14) They have beaten my brother outside police station for which I have a CSR. 15) I have filed divorce case now and its currently in progress. The above are the details.Request you to kindly clarify my doubts. a) Now she has started acting in the court and Councillors as if she is very polite and I am very interested on her and only issue is on my parents to separate us both.But in no way i want to live with her.Will the Councillors take notes like the girls is very polite and issue is with my parents. b) I have the following CSR 1) I ran away from home. CSR given by police. 2) My brother got beaten CSR given by police. 3) She attempted suicide and gave police complaint. Will the above document be helpful in getting divorce even though she acts. c) My final question . Will the court any way forces us to live together as divorce has been applied by a guy even though she has some good points during councelling. Also during argument and encounter by the counter advocate will he be asking me several questions so that the girl get advantage in front of the judge. Please help me getting these clarified.