Frod in case of Property

Sir, We were buying a home in 12 Lacs in Yamuna nagar, Haryana. We gave him 4 lacs initially, but unfortunately only 1 lac is when stamp work was done on 1st day of deed. Next day I handedover 1 lac again 2 lacs after a month in Noida, UP where I am doing the job, thus a total of 4 lacs. but rest 3 lacs he played the game and did not bring papers with him. thus we only have proof of 1 lac. Apart from that registry date was 16th June but again that person played the game and said he is in Manali so wil be back in couple of days and went to Tehsildar office on 16th and marked his presence. We filed a complaint in Police station where he admitted the facts about 4 lacs and he gave in written that yes he took 4 lacs from us but because of some people advising as we had no proof except my bank statements and call recordings when he came to me for taking money , we decided in police station that dela wil now be completed in 13 lacs instaed of 12 lacs means now we have to give 1 lac extra. This all was written on paper in from of Police station incharge with his signature and our signature on this. But now he is refusing to get the registry and threatening us to go anywhere and neither he wants to give money back nor he want to sell home. Please could you advise as how to pursue from here. After all this happened he called me and was demanding rest 9 lacs but I refused and said we il be only be giving money in your hands when you will register this home in our name as he was still trying to fool us and have money. but now he does not want to sell it. Please advise can we register a frod case i.e under section 420 , and whether my call recordings and Police Station Paper where he admitted in written to have taken 4 lacs from us are a valid proof as per court or not. And as per law if a seller refuses to sell his property he has to pay double the amount of Token money. Please help me I am in a mess. Regards, Inderjeet Singh