Actual Possesion

Dear Sir, we had purchased a piece of land in 1996 three parts in self M age 24, F age 40, M age 22 at present. The total area of the fertile land was approx 67 dismil. We had purchased the land by party M, motation done in year 2000, and making regular payment of yearly slip/rasid charges and having all slips also. and we are the current owner of the land its fully in our hold. But A month ago we go to know that the Seller had re-sold the property by hand of his mother by registry. Issue start from here after inspection we fond some favorable and some unfavorable point which i am going to discuss with you. 1. We had purchased the land on after khangi batwara/ (Infront of few Honorable villagers) and after his grandmother passed away. 2. We have a copy of that. The property was purchased in her mother name. 3. There Were 6 Parties(Grand Mother,Mother,Father,Brother1, Brother2, Seller3, and their hole property were divided between them and was already mentioned in the division documents after the death of Grandmother the property owner will be Seller,on death of father owner will be Brother 1, and on death of Mother owner of her property would be Brother 2). 3. Now After the death of Grandmother seller was the default owner as per the division documents so after his offer we had purchased the land in three parts. (Described above) Our Setps:- As the matter come in our knowledge we firstly Contacted to motation office and found they the new purchaser had applied for motation luckily be known and put objection so New party motation has beed stopped. (But still am not feeling confident due to govt. departmental culture*) We had tried to Contact the Seller but could not possible he did it by knowing and it seems his clever step to be sold by hand of her mother not his self and with full cheating intention . When we inspect and contacted to his neighbors than found that the person is doing all these with bad intention with help of his family advocate. saying two things. a) His mother is still the owner so she could sell the land. b) At the time of Division he was minor. (But he was married and after his marriage division in the village) So i would like know what should i do with you valuable suggestion.