Delay in possession for reasons beyound company control

The possession of our flat in gurgaon was due in May,2014 which we have nt received so far. Upon multiple mails on asking compensation, have got below response: Delay in possession is due to reasons beyound the control of company: (a) laying down of the pipeline by Gas Authority of India Limited for supplying natural gas and the consequent litigation for the same, due to which the Company was forced to change its building plans, project drawings, green areas, laying down of the connecting roads and complete lay-out of the Township, including that of Independent floors. (b) Non acquisition of land by Haryana Urban Development Authority (HUDA) to lay down sector roads 75 mtr and 60 mtr wide and the consequent litigation for the same, the issue is yet not settled; (c) Labour issue, disruptions/delays in supply of stone aggregate and sand due to court orders of the Courts, unusually heavy rains, delay in supply of cement and steel, declaration of Gurgaon as ‘Notified Area’ for the purpose of Ground Water, re-routing of 66KVA high tension electricity wire. Can these be reasons for which company can avoid paying compensation. What are the rescourse available to us for delayed possession.