How can I get my Salary.

Dear Members, I had joined an export company in Sector-62, Noida, U.P. as a head of eCommerce section in the month of May 18, 2015. After working almost one and half month in the company, I realized that the company does not have good working environment. Regular aggressive verbal abuse to employee in front of other employee is a common practice there. Chasing to employee for the progress of work after every 10-15 minutes by owner of the company is also common. No single employee talks to other employee due to the fear that they will be pin pinched and bullied by the owner for their work and conduct in the company. Which was very frustrating. After one and half month in the company, the environment became unbearable for me. So I decided to leave the company. I informed my inability to carry on my job on July 13, 2015 by sending a resignation email to the owner with all the details of work completed and in progress till that date, documents status and different files etc. However, the company owner emailed me, called me up and requested to come to the office for 2-3 days and give handover properly, so that it will be easy for the new person who is joining the company (They had hired a new employee within two days of my resignation) which I accepted. I went to my job and worked very hard for two days, created and prepared written procedure for the all the process of eCommerce day to day operations for the new joinee, as he was a fresher . So that he do not stuck in his day to day job. I also handed over all the important documents to the management. My last date of working in the company was July 18, 2015. On the last day of my Job they did not released my salary as per the Company Act. Since, the company has a policy to release the salary cheque on 7th of every month. I wrote an email to the owner on August 7, 2015, requesting him to let me know when I can come to collect my pending salary cheque. did not get response, so I decided to write him again on August 10, 2015, again requesting to let know is my salary cheque prepared Meanwhile, I also received the information from the person who prepares salary cheque in the company that Mr Jain( Owner of the company ) has directed to not to prepare my cheque for now. After not receiving any reply of my email, I decided to call the owner directly. Since he was in a meeting, he asked me to call me after an hour. After an hour I made the call to him, he was again in the meeting and asked me to again call him after one hour and also conveyed if he will get free early he will call me. After not receiving any call from Mr. Jain, I decided to make another call in the evening (around 5 p.m.) of August 10, 2015. After receiving my call Mr. Jain started a very different topic of using of their one of the company Gmail account by me, and said he is going to file a case, against who so ever is using the account (he was trying to threaten me indirectly). However, I asked him to check with Social media company as that account was linked be company Facebook and other accounts. By noticing he is trying to avoid my salary cheque enquiry, I sent him an SMS requesting to let me know about the salary cheque status and also informed him through the same SMS that I have not been using any of the company email account after leaving the company but I would be happy to provide any kind of available information with me he may need, related to this issue. He replied to the SMS, " Noted, we need to check, we will get back", but he did not respond anything on my query on pending salary cheque. Since it is going to be almost a month since I have left the company, It seems that they are not wiling to release my salary cheque. Though the money is very small ( Rs. 14,666/-), but it is my very hard earned money and I do not want leave it. I would also like to inform that o the date of my joining they did not provided me any kind of joining paper, even after I asked for many times. However all the salary comes through cheque. I would like to make a request to the respective members , Kindly suggest me what kind of legal steps I can take to recover my salary from the company. What procedure I should follow so that I get less harassed , as I have joined another company. With Regards Sandeep Gunjan New Delhi