How to save marriage & avoid divorce

My husband & I am engineering classmates (batch 2003-2007). We were in contact after college & started dating from 2013. Married in 12.12.2014 & registered marriage in 22.04.2015. I am odia and my parents stay in Odisha. My husband is Bengali. His brother (8year younger) stays with us, whereas his parents also stays at interior of Odisha. But they visit us almost every week. After 2 months of marriage my in laws forced me to change surname. I denied as I am working lady & changing surname will lead so many paperwork. They threatened me to kick out of house & both my husband and his brother scolded me. I was afraid and went to police. Just registered GD for my safety. My husband knew this later when we have another severe fight & he slapped me ( reason was I did not call his mother that day) They also don't let me visit my parents stating that girls don't go their parents house after marriage. My husband don't do anything without informing/involving they. Even he asks his parents before buying a simple lock & key and asks which one to buy. My husband works from home mostly whereas I have 10-6.30 office. After marriage my duty was to cook breakfast & lunch morning & dinner evening including office days. When in laws visit us I was asked to prepare 4-5 items & if I was unable to do that it was blamed that I disrespect them. Due to all household chores & work at office I tend to sleep till 8.30am or sometimes 30mins more. My brother in law passes this information & other activity of mine to his parents. Each time my in laws come, they just create problem saying all these and this leads rift between we husband-wife. Last week when my mother in law was present I can't bear all this anymore & had a fight with my husband & in laws. In heat of rage I declared that I will stay separate if u all continue harassing me. My father in law (over phone) ordered my husband to kick me out of house & thus my husband revealed about GD. They could not take any action. Thereafter my husband stopped talking to me. He eats & sleeps separately. He stopped eating whatever I cook. I want to save my marriage. We (my parents) did everything my husbands family wanted, just to get me married to my choice. Even my father (already senior citizen) took loan to meet up my in laws requirements. After doing all these my in laws torture does not end. Still I want to save my marriage & lead a peaceful married life. Pls. advice how could I save my marriage. In case they file divorce how to nullify it or how could I avoid divorce. All my jewellery is lying with my in laws. They are not giving it to me. I simply want to save this marriage & lead a happy and peaceful married life.