Can builder sale open parking or podium parking (separate building for parking)

I stay in Mira road, and recently shifted to big banner project. Project has 5 wings and has separate parking building which is G + 1 and then open terrace. Builder sold these parking's along with stilt parking under every wings (those are not closed form 3 sides as per RERA). Require to understand below pointers, 1. Builder constructed separate building for parking (which is shown as free of FSI as per OC and sale agreement) which he is selling it to individual. as per agreement it said that podium building G + 2, but what builder constructed is G + 1 where 2 floor is open to sky. will this open area consider as open parking. if yes then can builder sale this open parking's or not? 2. As per RERA builder can sale only covered parking ( closed from 3 sides), then can stilt parking will consider as open or covered? 3. what is the definition of OPEN parking as per RERA? kindly explain. 4. As per RERA builder has to allot one parking compulsory to flat whos area is more than 39.5 sq mtr. Can you confirm on this part and provide more information.