Selling property with status quo

This is a testimony case where the Christian father didnt not leave any share to the elder son in his will. The other 2 sons and one daughter got their share. This property was brought by my father some 35 years back . The eldest son put a case against the other sibling for not getting his share. After the building was completed. before we can sell the Court gave a status quo and now we are stuck and my father is old , We try to settled with this eldest son but with this greeed he is asking too much compensation but we dont have so much money to give him, though we dont have to give him any thing as we dont owe him anything. We though that once he dies (now 92 years old) this case will cease but his son is taken over and harassing my father by putting case after case. My father is old and depressed and cant take it anymore. We want to sell the property but the court has put a status quo on this property . How can we get ride of this property kindly let me know with the status quo is their any other options? because the his son is even more agressive