Pocession and sell of my share of property

My late father owned following properties and left without making a will. Properties, 1- A workshop 2- house A, 3- house B. Both houses are joined seperated By some portion open wall. After death of my father my mother gave her written consent that we all 3 brothers will be joint owner of all the properties. Accordingly in revenue records in place of my father name ours name were written. later on we all 3 brothers made an unregistered family settlement witnessed by two person and notarised stating distribution of property among .themselves, as workshops goes to 2 brother, house A goes to 3 brother and house B comes to me(1st brother) Now I want to sell my share house B, when I told this my 2 brother (who is living in house A&B with his family and my mother) he refused to vacate and starts abusing, however myself and my youngest brother (3rd) used to go homes and stay there time to time. Myself and my youngest brother are in job. My younger(2) brother runs the workshop. I am going to retire from job . Please advise how I can sell my share of property. Thanks