Father right to meet child before divorce?

Hello Sir, I am an Indian resident 39 years old married in 1st July 2008 and now lives in Pune for last 4 years. I am working in an Indian MNC as Technical Leader with a CTC Rs.12.45 Lakh. My basic qualification is degree in Engineering. I have a son 6 years old. My wife left my rented house at Pune with some argument (why i should not surrender my salary to her although i manage family expenses) with my son on 3rd May 2015 instead of my opposition not to shift the child. She work in L&T infotech Chennai as SAP consultant .My wife is an engineer like me and have a CTC Rs14.5 Lakh. On 11th May 2015, i travel to Chennai to see the family on occasion of my child birth day. Unfortunately i am unable meet my family as the address given by her was fake one. I have registered a missing compliant at local police station on 12th June. I have called her father and brother many times but she is not co-operating anyone. She has made my number in call barring mode. Currently there is no divorce case against me. In this case how can i meet my child?