Builder delaying work

Dear Sirs, I have entered into a an agreement in the month of Nov 2020 with a builder for constructing my independent house G+2 for which i have paid an advance of 10L initially to their company account via Online transfer and handed over the plot on 03rd Jan 2021. Work was dead slow i have to follow-up with them on daily basis after so many phonecalls and messages the builder has come back saying we are facing money crunch need your support for fixing the issues and sent a schedule for work with timeline and payments for the work to be performed agreed and gave a chance by paying additional 275K to their company account. Still nothing happened apart from daily excuses amount required for steel for the slab was around 2.20L for which he called and told me the same money issues and asked to buy steel and send the bill and confirmed the same will be re-imbursed within 2 days i have bought the steel and paid in cash 2.20L and paid centring person around 75K to complete the slab work. still i dont trust him if he ill be able to complete the work in time as the agreement says 8-10months time and first slab was done with my additional amounts. I have sleepless nights & health issues as all my savings amount is given to him please help me. Details of amounts paid 10L Advance - Online transfer to company account 275K advance -Online transfer to company account 70K for Borewell- paid to 3rd party directly 220K for steel- Paid cash to shop owner 75k Centring person- paid directly to that person 50K paid to supervisor in parts to his google pay - for ongoing issues at site labour payments etc total amount paid till date 17L approximately. Please advise what action can be taken on the builder will i be getting my money refunded.