Token Money refund.

I paid 1lakh rupees as token for a 2bhk flat. When the agent was showing the flat to me I asked him if we can extend the window to full size window and put a box type grill. He said yes we can do it. He also said he can arrange for people so that I can get this work done. After I transferring the token I asked for the owners number and any of the society members number. He gave me those numbers almost after 10days. I spoke to the chairman and he said no changes are allowed and I can read the SOP's. The way the chairman spoke was not so friendly. He said that if u want to buy the flat then buy it and live in current condition. Also he added that even if I get permission to make some minor changes then the workers cannot use the lift to carry the materials plus i have to specify when the work will start and when it will end. If i make a minor change without the permission then i have to pay a penalty of 25k per month till i reverse the change. Also, my dog cannot use the lift and he should not bark and disturb the neighbors. (Unfortunately the chairman will be my neighbor if I buy this flat). Considering all this i thought of not proceeding with the deal however the agent says that my money will be forfeited. Hence, in case he gets the permission then I have to proceed with deal. Also the agent never clarified that the owner will be coming after 2months for registration. Now the agent says the chairman is selling the flat. When I checked with other sources I found that he has no intention to sell. The agent is not clear and not professional. Please suggest if I can ask for a refund as I cannot live with so much of restrictions. I have started to pray that the permission should be denied , that's the only way for me to get the refund peacefully.