Feasibility for applying divorce

I am female, 31 from Chennai. I am married for 4 year 11 months. I had an affair wit my cousin during the year 2007 for 3 months. I got engaged in Oct 2009. After engagement, I started speaking to my fiancée from Jan2010. During that time I was in touch wit my few of male coll friends. I had a phone conversation with them for few months nd then I stopped it as my fiancée dint like it. And as I wanted to be true to my fiancée I had told him the truth about my affair. At the same time my ex had also started calling my fiancée nd told bad things abt me. From then onwards, problem started between us. He started drinking. And he got much addicted to the same. And he blamed me for all his drinking habits. Then we got married on Sep2010. Being a female, I had adjusted thinking it vl be fine post marriage. But the same continued. Whatever small problems or issues, we get in between, I would be blamed. He never discussed any problems, hid many things, started lying and started involving all his family members into our martial problems. Anyhow we adjusted and stayed for four years with difficulties. But from last year September , my husband went to his home saying he has to undergo treatment for his illness, his allergic prob and drink addiction. So I went to parents home. I had tried calling him but he dint say exactly when he will shift to our new house. But now we are not seeing any possibility of continuing together. We had decided for divorce. But still the reason mentioned by them is - I am of bad character , have ego, never adjusts wit him. And they have the evidence of my phone calls and my affairs. I am working in a company. Now, the divorce will not be initiated by my husband. We have to initiate. And they are not ready to give a single ruppee money. Is it possible to ask for one time settlement in this case if the divorce is initiated by myself? Or should I go for mutual with no money? They are diverting the case to my bad character. Please advice what should be done.