Regarding certified copies of face book messages

Sir, i belong to hyderabad and i have been booked for a false case (66-a of I T act-2000 & sec 506 ,509 ipc) stating that i have been harassing a girl for 3 long years over phone and more over defamed her by sending vulgar messages through face book. Actually the girl complained against me was in relationship of love with me and her father is a police head constable. The complaint which she gave states that i had interest to marry her but there family members who are our relatives did not agreed for the proposal so keeping in this in mind i defamed her. i even showed the police authorities the love letters in her writing. The main problem is the police authorities filed a charge sheet without a FSL REPORT and that to after i personally complaining to the S P. Even though the charge sheet is filed i have not got any certified copies of the face book messages which are in the file. My lawyer says those papers are not marked and once the trial starts and the girl comes to the court and give witness then those papers will be marked and i can get the certified papers of the Face BOOK Messages. I came to know that the new S P after i complaining again she issued a memo to the constable and transferred to head quarters. The court constable says the girls father who is a police himself managed with the bench clerk some how to keep my file pending for near about 9 months as i did not compromised with him. Please advice me how can i use the letters in her writing and how to get those face book messages papers related to the case.