Right of Parents and Extended Family Members for Visitation, Financial and Other Helps

Hi: Me and my wife are both working couple. My wife is very abusive towards my family members. I have so far never talked harsh with her side family members. I contribute half the share of my, my wife and our kid's expenses as well as I solely contribute in large expenses such as jewellery etc. Our salaries are very similar (mine slightly more). From my remaining salary, I contribute a fixed amount every month for my parents, dependents of my deceased younger brother and my elder brother's family. My elder brother (unemployed) and his wife take care of my parents. My father is the guardian for all of them. My father is a retired pensioner but his pension is not sufficient to take care of all of their needs. My wife's father is a pensioner too and none of her siblings are now dependent on him. I need help on the following points: a) what right and recourse do my parents have regarding visitations to me and my son b) what right and recourse do my brother and others in my family have regarding visitations to me and my son c) what right and recourse my family members have from abuses and insinuations from my wife d) what right and recourse on behalf of my kid I have over paternal property with my in-laws and the rentals my in-laws are earning from it. Can my wife relinquish the right of my kid over the ancestral property.