Maintenance case

My wife has committed adultery and we were in the process of mutual consent divorce, but in between a DV has been filed against me since I hit my child who is 17. My two kids is at the side of my wife since I am working abroad with salary around 4 lakhs a month and rarely at home. I have a house worth 2 CR having EMI due about 41lakhs. Since DV filed against me and due to the ill health of my parents and due to mental stress and for proper upbringing of my children I chose to stay at home and look after my parents and see for some local job.( Father heart patient - Mother cancer patient - Aged 77 and 71 - I am only son since my brother is in Dubai ) After filing DV and criminal case my wife has filed a case for maintenance, She is asking for huge sum of money 2.5laks / month including two children maintenance and their studies is additional. My children age is Daughter - 16 / Son 13. I want my children to come and stay with in my father house where I am staying and continue my life, my house is on EMI and I won't be able to pay the EMI presently and bank will take over soon, I have offered to take care of my wife too if she comes and stay with me along with my parents. My wife presently owns a beautiqu and earns around 1 lakh/ month. > What will be judges decision in this case? 1, Will he ask my wife to come and stay with me ?? 2, Will I have to pay huge sum of money as requested for her even though I am jobless?? 3, I Have offered one time settlement of writing off my villa 2cr to her and kids as a one time settlement but she wants more - Is this settlement enough ??