Settling of marital issues

I am married woman for the past 3 years. I also have a young kid. Ours is a love cum arrange marriage, wherein my parents agreed to bear all the expenses of the wedding, and also gave dowry to my husband's family. Post the wedding i took care of the entire household expenses since my husband was not earning well. I also supported my in laws family monetarily. I also made some investments in my in-laws name. Despite all this, my mother in law was not happy and she created lot of issues between me and my husband. She desired for more dowry for my family and that was not possible since their' s became a never ending demand story. His salary increased over the past three years and currently we both earn equal amount of salary. However, even now he does not contribute anything for the household expenses. I am not sure what he does with his earnings. Over the pat few months, when i coaxed him to share his responsibilities, he began abusing me and my family and putting unbearable conditions on me. He also started forcing me to quit my job and be his bonded slave caged in his parents place where they don't even provide food to me and my kid, which i actually experienced. In such a situation, I left the place. I also went to some family counselling, but it did not help. I decided to transfer the investments which i made in his and his parents' name, but he is not obliging. He has also warned that he would dilute the entire investments. He has also taken some external liabilities in my name and those ppl are also calling me and harassing. I don't wish to end this relationship, but i want to set things right, especially his behavior and him realizing his responsibilities towards me and our kid. Is there any way we can do this legally?? In case this is not possible, then what alimony & maintenance for me and my son can i expect if i put in a case i head for filing a case. Moreover, i want him to return back the entire amount i and my family have spent on the marriage and post marriage related.