Parking issues

We have 4 floor apartment (total 12 flats), constructed in 2011. first 2 floors are authorized and other 2 floors are not authorized. We have space for only 9 parking lots. Landlord held 1 flat in the apartment on 4th floor, for which there was no parkinglot allocated, but recently landlord sold the flat to a tenant (2020) who was staying for rent in the same flat and now the tenant has become owner of that flat, suddenly he had written the parking number in front of main gate (the tenant knows that there is no parkinglot) and then started parking the car, this has created problem for 3 flats, they cannot take out their car out without removing this car from new parking lot. The ownser of this flat was kind of illeterate and goon person, he was telling that in the sale deed parking lot was allocated, go and ask landlord or do whatever you want, but you can ask me to remove my car from this place, its my parking lot. unfortunatley we do not have society formed, since it is small apartment, nobody will come forward to fight. Could you please suggest best solution for this.