Neighbours interrupting progress of building construction.

We are building a house and the neighbour claims that four (4) feet of our land, from the previous common wall, belongs to them which interrupts with the building construction. They requested enquiry from Land Revenue and Settlement Department, and upon inspecting both (ours and neighbours) our LSC and plot of the land by representative from the Department, in the presence of Local Council members, it was found that, in fact some of their land belongs to us. This makes them even more angry and thus cause nuisance, and continue to disturb with the progression of the building construction even though we have written permission notice from District Magistrate. Our plot of land is bounded on the West by highway, On the South by water drainage, on the East by water drainage, and on the North is our neighbour. And even as of now, our plot of land is smaller than it is in the LSC. I, therefore, humbly ask what we could/should do to protect our land and continue the building construction. Plus, how can we prevent them from further interrupting our construction?