My girlfriend keeps threatening me with suicide if I leave her

Ive a girlfriend who is an addict also. She keeps threatening that , she would commit suicide if I leave her. She wants me to talk to her 24/7 or whenever she feels like. She has zero empathy for others. Even if I tell, I'm not keeping well or have some back pain or my parents are not keeping well, nothing matters to her. She just keeps calling non stop and if I dont pick up , she keeps threatening me that shes committing suicide or going out in the night so that someone should rape her. And its coz of my fault.. Shes drinking everyday and when Im confronting her, she blatantly lies that she hasnt taken anything.. She keeps sending pics of her in a sorry state , with blood filled bucket and all. She has lied, shes admitted to hospital with a heart attack , with a seizure. All were lies.. I explained I cant take this and all but no change. I told her to check in a rehab or get a counsellor and all to deal with her issues. She says yes just to talk to me again and never does anything. Every night its the same show and I just turn off my phone by 9 pm.. Please advise on how to move away from this coz if she actually does somethin in her intoxication, I may be in trouble.