What to do

My wife has registered false case on me in her district of 498 and 125 she has gone to her parental home after delivery and all expenses were paid by me.and i was visiting my child and wife at her parental home and was talking to her on phone also.but after some time she stopped talking to me on phone and blocked me from whats app not receiving my calls and etc and not showing even the face of my child .and told me this is not ur child he iz of some once else.when i went to her parental home physically her sister mother and her brother in law beat me in the room and slapped my face time and again..i requested them to handover my wife and child but they refused and asked me to pay money worth 15 lac Where from i bring the money when i have already paid Mehar to her as i have proof of my Nikah naama where it iz written..After dat she make false cases on me like 498 125 and domestic voilence.She iz in her parental home with her will ...i recalled her time and again to come home ..Neither i beat her nor i do any Violence and not even take dowery i had made simple nikah with only 2 persons with me ...and still she logged False cases on me ..what to do