Property dispute

Hi - I have a ancestoral property in state of Uttar Pradesh. My father and uncle reach a mutual agreement 20 years back to split the property in half and had the agreement on 10 rupees stamp paper. Since then we took ownership of our piece of land and used it as suited for our needs. There was a parcel of land that has brick boundry and has a gate for exit and entry of the property. The exit gate opens in my part of the land. During the agreement we split that land into half . My uncle erected his house in his share of the land and lived there with his children. He died in 2003 and since then his son is in posession of the land. Recently he started encroaching my piece of land and claiming that the property belongs to him and refutes that there was angreement as such in place. So my questions are: 1) What are my legal options to claim my piece of land? 2) If there is a court case, will my presence required for each hearing? 3) Can a lawyer represent me in a court of law , if i could not present during the hearing? 3)If a lawyer can’t represent me during the hearing , what are my options? Appreciate your response. Your response will help me to make informed decision and proceed on the issue following the best options. Thanks SR