How to get stay order on a selling property

My family is the main owner of agricultural land located in Girim, Pune and my one parental aunt was in other property rights(she was born before 1956 and expired ). My parental Aunt's son(he also expired in 2020) filed an appeal against my family for the main owner right, we fought the case in the civil court and as a result, the case got disposed of by the Prant officer( Sub-Divisional Magistrate) on 9th Feb 2021 because they don't have proof to declare the rights as per law 2005 Hindu varas act. as my aunt was born before that, we waited for the court copy which we didn't receive. When we enquired we got to know my aunt's son with help of goon has forged the 7/12 document and put 7 different relatives' name in the main owner including us and now the same goon is planning to sell the property. my aunt's son took 5 lakh from goon and told the goon to lead the property case before he got expired in 2020 Requesting advice even if the case result was in our favor and Goon has forged the document without our consent and Talhthi is also involved in this case in favor of goon using the under the table. Even if we won the case/ case got dismissed by the court how can they change the 7/12 and planning to sell the property? How to get the stay order?