My tenant has filed a suit claiming 5 lakhs for his eviction, is it possible

I had rented a shop for a sweet and snacks stall and entered into 11 months agreement. After 7 months I personally served 2 months notice for vacating 3 shops i owned for my own purpose of the premise for starting a business. This particular sweet and snacks shop tenant is not vacating, I had several meetings with him but he is still postponing with requesting 1 more month and this has now reach 5 months. I finally cut the power supply, he made a CSR police complaint, and after discussion, he confirmed to vacate in 1 month and gave a written statement in the police station and i took a copy of his letter. I served a legal notice to him that he has agreed to vacate by April 19th and he should vacate on time failing which a legal action will be taken also the notice mentioned landlord wants the premise for his own purpose, and also mentioned that the tenant has violated the agreement by using the shop for hotel other than sweet and snack stall. He then replied with a notice by 19th April that I had disrupted his business with goondas and therefore he could not concentrate in his business and demands 5 Lakhs as compensation to be given at the end of the agreement date. A case suit was filed and I received his lawyer's notice by 29th April to come for the hearing on 30th April. I had to rush the next day to a lawyer to vakal. Now th court stands closed for May month. What should I do in this matter further, I am concern how long this will go on to end, the case is filed in Municipal court in rural village, will I be fined to pay his compensation? Please provide me solution for this, thank you.