Notice period and lock in period.

I have a lock in period clause for 8 months (ending on 14th June) and notice period of 1 month. Can i give 1 month notice on 14th May so that I can vacate at the end of lock in period? My landlord claims i can only give 1month notice after the lock in period and that i need to pay until 14th July. Below is the relevant clause from the agreement. 10) Lock in period: Both the parties have agreed to set a lock-in period of 8 months during which neither the Licensor shall ask the licensee to vacate the premises, nor the licensee shall vacate the premises on his own during the lock-in period.In spite of this mandatory clause, if the licensee leaves the premises for whatsoever reason, he shall pay to the Licensor license fee for the remaining lock-in period at the rate of agreed upon in the agreement. On the other hand, Licensor shall compensate the Licensee for loss and inconvenience caused to the Licensee if he has been asked to vacate the premises. 11) Cancellation: That, Subject to the condition of lock in period (if any), if the Licensee commits default in regular and punctual payments of monthly compensation as herein before mentioned or commit/s breach of any of the terms, covenants and conditions of this agreement or if any legislation prohibiting the Leave and License is imposed, the Licensors shall be entitled to revoke and / or cancel the License hereby granted, by giving notice in writing of one month and the Licensee too will have the right to vacate the said premises by giving a notice in writing of one month to the Licensors as mentioned earlier.