Domestic violence by Female

Hi, I need some suggestion related to my current family situation. We are 4 members in family - myself, 1 elder sister,1 elder brother and my mum. Me and my brother got married in 2015. Since beginning I was against this marriage but for sake of family agreed and tied knot in arranged marriage. It's kind of an roller coaster since 2015. I am trying best to save my marriage but my wife is not literate. She listens to outsider (anything she will believe) and then create big drama in family. She daily fights with me and use bad words for my mum and sister. My in laws threatening us to kill me and my family. Actually my inlaws asked for money few times in past but I denied all time as am not that financially settled. Don't want to borrow from sister and mom. Since then she uses abusive language in home. Currently my home environment is very toxic. I am mentally tired of all this!! Last week again she started using bad words and started fighting with my mum without any reason. I tried stopping her by shouting but she was too loud so I slapped her. After that she called her parents, all my relatives and local police station. All gathered at my house. It was first time in our family history that police came in our house!! Police had word with my wife and asked her to give written application but she started fighting with them. Police tried calming her but despite all this she was not listening to anyone so police left my house stating take her to doctor. There's no reason of fight or all this mess. When I slapped her, she tore all her clothes and said I did that which I didn't. After talking to her police believed me but said try to settle it in family, if it goes out them me and my family will be going to jail as court and police will believe a Girl. After my father's demise, my mum Don't talk much. All time she keeps herself busy with household stuff. Being a male am not sure what to do what all options I have? Never felt so helpless. She's not agreeing for Divorce, nothing. Either she will stay at my house with same tantrums or will file a case against us. Please can someone help me or suggest me as a male what all options I have