My husband wants an uncontested divorce since i became diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and multiple hospital stays. i do not want to divorce. I love my husband and i would like to come to terms with it all. I am wanting a legal separation. He had me move from our home since it is in his and his mothers name that was bought last year during our marriage. my credit was not high enough during the buy. I moved into a rent home and we still see and talk to each other. We are still intimate. He recently paid online for divorce papers and wants me to sign. I am not wanting to sign but i am also not wanting to hurt him. I do want to separate due to abandonment during my disability. I am fighting to do the right thing. He says he wants to remain friends. He has been mean and threatening me with my child from a previous relationship to ruin my custody case if i do not sign the papers and he will only continue friendship if i sign his internet papers if i sign them and do not go through an attorney. I just need advice on what i should do