Mental harassment by in laws

It's been 10 months I got married and not happy with how things are going through. Exactly after the 15 days of marriage my in-laws started giving mental harassment and fighting with us for not buying jewellery and dress for my wife and after a month of marriage I got to know that my wife was in relationship before marriage and she got aborted twice this I got to know through mylo app she was using, she had commented requesting for suggestion on how to proceed for abortion nd post abortion. After which she lived in her mom's place for a month. I went for compromise and I started living with her again after know all the facts. Again my in-laws started giving me mental harassment which I was not able to bare it and I tried to commit suicide. After a 3 weeks of icu treatment I survived. Now my wife she doesn't cook food, she doesn't want to do any work, she does not take care of me and my family, she gives all spoiled food for my mom. Even now when ever family comes to my home they try start some or the other fight. Kindly advice how do I get out of these mental harassment.