My husband abandoned me for no reason from.last 4 months and refusing to come back

Hi,Im married woman from may 2019 and my husband left me home from 4 months after several requests and efforts he isn't returning back ,from starting they had eye on my father's money and my salary they took 50 tola gold in dowry(I have recording which he did)and demanded for big fat wedding which my parents did under pressure but I didn't allowed to hand my salary to him but then they harassed me in every possible way I don't have proofs of harassment as those were in person and on phone he used to provoke me and record our calls where only person talking is me ,he didn't kept physical relation with me from 4th month,another reason is there were constant fights amoung us for his extra interest in his cousins wife , If required I will explain what they used to do in from of me later,so I was very upset by this act of my husband and then in those fights he Did all the cruelty with me like no communication withme,not sleeping in same room with me ,even after 8 months of fights finally day arrived from when that other person (cousins wife) deleted our numbers but after that my husband gone miserable he was punishing me silently for months like I said above he was not talking to me then sleeping in other room constantly talking to people on phone for 3,4 hours daily after office, then after 2 months he said he will bring his another cousin for her education to live with us without my consent he didn't even asked me , he is like that he always decide things and impose on me and if I say no then these punishments .this time I was really upsets that he is not even considering me as part decision.I forgot to mention I am working girl in IT so i also have exhausting job of 10-12 hours and his job is 9-6 ,I get exhausted and then there are these things which makes me upset,no one is there to even ask me if I am okay I am suffering from migraine due to all the tourture and ill treatment Im getting and due to times i got fainted but he didn't even called me to check if I am okay ,5_5 days he dont call me and I used to call him in the starting but then he restricted that as well like I should not call him and he will only call if he is free and talk what he wants thats it, am not even allowed to talk anything from my side ,after that cousin education thing I said him I want break and I came to my parents house fr diwali,he didn't even called me to say if I can come to my sasural which different place ,we live in pune and matrimonial place is different he went there for diwali ater that I was not in mood to talk to him im fed of this behavior so i didn't wanted to go to pune even,but my parents told me don't give up he might get changed so I went and on that day he went on trip he returned back late and next day he said to my parents who came to drop me pune that he can't live with and asked me to live that place,but as I said I am fed up of his attitude and asked him why don't you leave so he left and said to going to cousins place he never returned