Dowry and Domestic Voilence Case filed against me and my family

Dear Sir/Maam, I got married 5 yrs back and we as couple have 2 daughters. 15 days after our marriage my wife started to argue with my parents and every single day she wanted to be with her parents. consistently this happened 3 months and she left my home. months passed to convince her during this period she was pregnant and after 7 months of our marriage, baby boy has to be aborted due to her health condition due to blood pressure abnormalities. during this time i relocated to other city as per my job. she said she will not relocate along with me and said what if you kill me taking such long distance. this was guidance of her mother.i too consider this will be common for every girl as am new to her and considering her mental condition after losing baby boy. so i decided to visit her every weekend and gave time to change her mind set. 5 years passed and she didn't changed her mind. in this period we lost one more baby boy and gave birth to 2 daughters. now the issue started since the delivery of second girl birth. during the lock-down of corona i was struck ed in bangalore and was not able to go at the time of delivery of the girl, now her mother brain washed her that i don't have love and affection on my wife and kids and also she seeded her that am in affair with my love interest. In-fact before marriage by seeing my attire she suspected me that am love failure and honestly i admitted and said about my love interest. later after revocation of lock-down i visited to see the newborn baby, but to my surprise they started arguing with me for silly reasons. in-fact i resigned my job because it was very hard to parted with my daughter. meanwhile they were against my visit to my daughters they threatened even they tried to beat me and i escaped from them. later on fine day they went to my sister matrimonial home and threatened her and brother in law, and also tried to molest her. my sister didn't complained anything and said to me we are family these are common in family. but here my wife and her family members went to SP office and lodged complaint of attempt to murder against me, my family and my sister family. finally police made FIR for dowry and domestic violence. one year passed i didn't see my daughters faces. some times i get suspicious what if she is having the otherside of her character, or kill me due to her parents motivation because all the proceeding's are making me force to think and her mother and father threatened that they will kill us, that to in police station. I Am not able to understand how to react, because i love my wife than my love interest. how to get truth from her more point i forgot to tell that after 1yr of our marriage my love interest came back and asked to marry her by divorcing my wife, i sent her back and this too i told to my wife. Because i dont want to be any secrets between us and our relationship should not be build on lies. now i dont understand what to do.