How to serve legal notice to husband who is in USA

My name is shiksha Rana . Currently I am staying in dehradun with my parents along with my four years old daughter who is USA citizen . In 2019 October I came back to India along with my daughter . My husband is still is in USA in h1b visa . When I was in USA he done a lot of domestic violence on me . I tried to dial on 911 a lot of time but I couldn’t do that just because of fear of losing my daughter. He is highly alcoholic plus he is in control of his family members especially his elder sister n his elder brother’s wife . October 2019 I came back to India . I field case of domestic violence on him in district court but now i facing trouble in serving notice to him in USA . He also left his company , changed the residence and phone number. As my daughter is USA citizen, coming October 2021 her USA passport should be renew along with oci card. For passport renew both parents have to appear in US counsulate. But from last 1and 1/2 year we are not in contact. How can I serve legal notice fastly and how can my daughter passport renew. I really don’t know what to do ,Just help me need honest advise.