Is our marriage is Valid according to India law ?

I m Hindu from India and she is Christian from USA. We did marriage under Hindu Marriage Act .. 2 years before. Honestly speaking we did this marriage only for USA Visa. She wanted to help me to get USA Visa. She is 13 years older from me. We just took few pictures in arya samaj temple and used some one else old flowers garland for pictures. and we did not follow any other procedures for marriage and change her religion we just took pictures and temple people arrange 2 locals people to give our marriage witness who present in the temple at that time. we donot follow any procedures to change her religion from christian to Hindu. She told lawyer she will not change religion and lawyer said don't worry its just for paper work and Visa only. No one from our families were present in temple. With in one day we registered our marriage in Registrar office without meeting to the registrar. In our Registrar Marriage certificate she does not have new Hindu name.She has her christian name on Registrar of marriage certificate. My question is under Hindu marriage act only two Hindu partners can marriage but she is christian and her christian name is still on Registrar of marriage certificate. Is our Marriage Valid? I still not get USA Visa and we both busy in own life...Do we need to Divorce for this type marriage. Please advise. Do our this type marriage is Valid in India?