Nullment of marriage

Married 2009 Divorce MCD 2010 Remarried a divorcee girl 2011 Son born 2012 Son ill wife went to her family treatment him 2012 I filed divorce custody2012 She hma24 during case maintenance fixed, I withdrew Mediations she say to come back We don't want her to come back She files cases 125 498 dv Now I files nullment of marriage Pls tel chances if win nullment case. And if she wins, wat will then happen I not pay 125 maintenance 2 years now warrants issue but I file quashing 125 in high court. High court date before 125 next date will I get stay if I don't tel court abt warrants n will 125 be able to quash I have resigned job, put blame of losing job on her as I HV proof, she complained my officer of my 498 case so I said I resigned because harassment Pls help n guide sir My claim is that there were no pheres saptpadi ( seven rounds around fire) Our marriage very simple only 15 family members No sphere in hotel room, only garland, ring manglasutra,sindhoor My claim, we married n cohabilitated because at marriage time, girls family denied this saptpadi ritual in their family, but now just now I came to know this ritual prevails in their marriage, so fraud in ceremonies my advocate assures 1. Hindu wedding not valid without saptpadi 2. Section 7(2) HMA 3 section 12(c) Can I win '. If not, wat happen? Plss guide we have a 3 year old son