Tenant denied to vacate the property

I have 2 tenant families living in the property of mine . i don't have any agreement or contract going with my tenants . now i want to sell my property so need them to vacate the property , for that i gave them a written request to vacate the property as a notice to vacate with a simple language which says please vacate the property within 30 days as i need this property to do some renovations . now today one of the family tells me that they need more explanation that how i am gonna renovate by demolition the whole property and then rebuilding it or what i am gonna do . with a simple answer i told them don't worry about that , that dosen't matter how i renovate but you please vacate the property within 30 days or you can take 10-20 days more . as i don't have any contract with them they say if i will not tell them the exact way of renovation they are not gonna vacate the property and they are gonna take a stay order from court of patyala house in Delhi and they are asking me to write on more notice and mention the way of renovation my question is can they have a stay , and what can i say to them to get done