Registration of Sale Deed by the Builder in Bengaluru

Dear Sir/Ma’am , My Daughters (NRI / out of India) -First & Second Applicants & my wife (in Mumbai) -Third Applicant have booked a 2bhk flat with a reputed Builder in Bengaluru as per Registered Sale Agreement in 2017. Full payment has been made to the Builder from my wife bank accounts (self funded) & all money given by my Elder Daughter -First Applicant to my wife (Mother) as NRI through Banking Channel. Now , the Builder wants to register Sale Deed & hand over the possession of the Flat (occupation certificate - received ). Accordingly, I request for your esteemed Advice for the following points:- 1) Whether my wife is eligible to compete all the ‘Registration Formalities & Paper Work’ in Bengaluru without the physical presence of my Daughters being out of India. 2) If not , Whether my wife has to obtain GPA /SPA from my Daughters living abroad & not in a position to come to India in near future. 3) My Elder Daughter has given a ‘GPA’ to me -Father in December 2007 duly Notarized (Registration not required at that time) & whether I can present myself on her behalf in Registrar Office in Bengaluru ( in case of still validity of this GPA). 4 My Second Daughter can send her GPA / SPA in my wife name from abroad & my wife can register the same in Mumbai & produce / submit the same in Bengaluru - Registrar Office to represent her. 5) Documents required for Sale Deed -Registration. Thanks & Regards, Harish Chander (M :- [deleted] ; Tel. :- [deleted])