regarding service bond

Sir, I joined a psu in October 2012 and at time of joining I signed a bond according to which I have to return all salary , allowances, training cost if I leave the company before 2 years of service. Sir due to my bad family condition I leave the company on april 2013 and send them my resignation through post without giving any prior notice.sir, after that they send me a show cause notice in may 2013 stating that your resignation is not accepted and you have to pay back all salary, allowances and training cost , otherwise dciplinary action will be taken against you as per company conduct rules . But they does’t tell me bond amount . One of my friend working in same psu tells me that the bond amount is lumpsum Rs 6 lakh. I didn’t reply to that notice. Sir, further they send me a same notice in sep 2013. And now after 7 months they send me a same notice in may 2014. Sir currently I am working with a central govt. job. Sir after this notice I am in very mental tension. Sir please consider the following situation and query regarding this- 1- Sir, what type of disciplinary action would be taken? Is, this have any adverse effect on my current job? 2- Sir they didn’t tell me the exact bond amount and if the bond amount is so high like Rs 6 lakh then how can anybody pay that much of amout. 3- Sir, what step they may take after this notice? 4- Sir, what happen if anybody violate the non judicial bond is there any criminal charge. Sir, due to these I am suffering from very much mental trauma . sir, please help me and suggest me the right path. I am highly obliged to you.