I am not perfect in writing in English so please try to understand my words. My father-in-law has two sons. One is my husband. My father-in-law made his property into two parts. When his first son married he gave one part of property to him. Which he salad and took money. After some years his second son was married to me. Now my father-in-law told that the second part of the property was my husbands and he wants to register it in my husbands name. And my husband asked my father in law to make property registrain in my ( wife ) name. So, myfather in law happily agreed and we went to register office and we completed all the registrain formalities. Then officer told we can take the property registerd papers after 4 days. But they called after two days and they told that they can't give the property papers to us because my husbands brother kept the potion that he also need the share on this property. That is the reason they are not giving the papers to us. But the property is not my husbands grandparents. It is my fathed-in-laws own property. And my husbands brother already took his share and now again he wants the share. Now we don't know what to do because my husbands brother went to states and came he has lots of his own properties. And lots of money. He never takes care of his parents also. But my husband don't have even the own house. We are taking care of my father-in-law and mother-in-law. When my father-in-law asked his first son that why he is doing this. Then he told that when he took his share that time the property rate was very low. But now the property rate was more that is the reason he want the share. He sold out his share few years back. He has more money he can do anything. But we don't know what to do please tell us what can we do to get our property papers. One more thing the property made in my name is sale did. Please help us. Thank you.