Help Needed Regarding an amount borrowed from Private Financier

Hi, Really need a valuable advice I have borrowed a certain amount from a money lender for my business purpose. The amount was borrowed as a last resort because no banks helped me with a loan or overdraft . I was paying interest and dues correctly to him via bank transfer and cash and I was about to return the amount borrowed. But unfortunately something really bad happened with my business and now am not in a condition to pay back the amount . If the calculation is done the interest amount what I have paid to him would come more than the amount what I have borrowed from him. I have given him cheque leaves and blank papers signed by my mother and myself . Right now I have received some good orders for my company so that I could make things alright and move further in my life . This person is threatening me like anything via phone calls and recorded my voice that I have to repay him this much amount by next month . This person has a high influence in the police and he also states he could even use the police for the very same purpose. I need a peace of mind and a space to make things alright and move further . Kindly help me in this situation with your valuable suggestions and advice's. Thanking you very much ..