About section 9 case

My name is Rahul i'm from new delhi my wife left me on 20th may when I was in office my in laws came to my house and took her and my 2 year old daughter along with them forcefully when my parents tried to stop them they had beaten my mother very badly.Her MLC is also done same day After that we tried to filed the F.I.R but the police officer suggested us not to do that and try to resolve the issue with in the family as it will complicate the matter more. So we tried to approach them several times but they were not ready to talk and on 4th of june they have filed a false complaint against me and my family in caw cell for dv act and dowry. In just three dates after that on 29th june they have got the case closed from there and on 3rd of july sent my file to local police station and launched a F.I.R u / s 406, 498a, 34 against me and my family . After that we have applied for anticipatory bail on which we have recieved a relief of 5 day prior intimation notice before arrest. On 15th july they have given an insane dowry list of around 24 lakhs to the police station and asked them for recovery of it. Since then nothing has happened in this case. Now here are some questions that I'm really confused with please help me with them :- 1. My parents are old and sick ( my father is a kidney failiure patient and on dialysis ) And my sister who is married and lives in another city can they be also arrested. 2. Do we have to take bail for all of us and what items can be used for bail and is it easily granted. 3. What is the maximum amount of time they take to issue arrest warrant. And will they do any proper investigation on comlaint before arrest or just act blindly on it . Can this complaint will be cancelled if they dont have any valid proof of the charges against us. 4. They are not letting us meet my daughter its been three months now I have not seen her. can I also file a case for child custody. 5. Should I file a case under sec 9 as I want them to be back because of my daughter And what are the benefits of filing this case. 6. My wife has already taken all the belongings with her while she was leaving the house. Like ( gold, cash, clothes, and id proofs etc. ) And now claiming all of it now. What should I do about it and also does police have the right of recovery or it will be done by court.